Valley Sky™ Club Rules

1. Members of The Valley Sky™ Club must be at least 18 years of age and possess an acceptable photo identification.

2. Members of the Valley Sky™ Club will only be allowed to maintain one Valley Sky™ Club account.

3. The Casino reserves the right to limit the number of active cards that will be issued on an individual’s account.

4. Accounts and membership benefits are non-transferable.

5. It is solely the member’s responsibility to ensure that his or her Valley Sky™ Card is properly inserted into a slot machine or presented to a table games dealer before the start of play.

6. Points will not be earned during Free Bonus Play.

7. Any disputes regarding a Member’s Valley Sky™ account will be reviewed by management, whose decision shall be final.

8. There will be no points awarded on machines that have a card reader that is defective or is temporarily out of service.

9. The Valley Sky™ Club Cards are for the personal use of the individual to whom the Valley Sky™ Club Card is issued. Members may not accrue points by allowing other players to use their card.

10. A Member must present valid photo identification bearing the name that appears on the Valley Sky™ Club Card when redeeming member benefits, including comps. Points will be deducted at the time of their redemption. No refunds of points will be issued. Gratuities are not included in redemptions.

11. Any use of the Valley Sky™ Club Card by a person whose name does not appear on the card to earn or redeem points, comps or other Member’s benefits may result in revocation and loss of the named card holder’s outstanding or earned points, privileges, prizes or benefits.

12. Duplicate cards will be issued with a valid identification card. The Valley Sky™ Club is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

13. If a Member has more than one card for an account, Free Bonus Play and Cash Play will only be available on the first card inserted during a session.

14. Each Member is responsible for selecting a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) for his or her Valley Sky™ account and for keeping the PIN secured. Members are responsible for all transactions on their accounts.

15. A Member must present a valid photo identification bearing the name that appears on his or her Valley Sky™ Club card when requesting that his or her PIN be reset.

16. Accounts with no activity for a consecutive 12-month period will have all points retired on that account.

17. Found cards will be returned to the Valley Sky™ Club booth and destroyed. To obtain a new card please visit the Valley Sky™ Club.

18. Table Mountain Casino and Table Mountain Gaming Commission employees are not eligible to obtain a Valley Sky™ Club Card.

19. Table Mountain Casino reserves the right to change or revise its Valley Sky™ Club Card benefits, rules and policies at any time with or without prior notice.

20. Membership in the Valley Sky™ Club and Valley Sky™ Club Member’s benefits may be revoked, modified or canceled at any time with or without prior notice.